About us

 Northern Virginia natives, brother and sister owned CBD brand. 

We provide products catered for your needs, information for the curious, and we go the extra mile to ensure that the CBD products we bring to our friends and family are of the highest quality. Everything we carry is tested at a third party lab. Our Hemp comes from the beautiful state of Oregon and is Organic,/Non-GMO Certified.

Why Create Bright Days started: Our mother had her Gall Bladder removed due to Gall bladder stones. As a result her adrenal system completely shut down. She began fainting if startled or was in a scenario where adrenaline was needed. The doctors ran tests on her and found that her adrenal glands were completely dysfunctional and prescribed her cortisol pills. The pills worked for a good while but while taking them, she still fainted occasionally. Months went by and her body began to bloat. Her abdomen looked like it had a balloon inflating in it. We suggested that she take CBD instead. 1500mg tincture was what she ended up taking instead of the cortisol pills. the first couple of days she didn't faint at all. a week later her bloating began to shrink. In about a month, her bloating had completely vanished, she hasn't fainted at all during this time and her mood was better overall. When mom went back to the doctors for a check up, she was shocked to find that her blood test showed her adrenals were functioning as if nothing happened. Now the same doctors said that shed never be able to live without taking cortisol pills are now telling her that she is healthy and they don't know why or how that is. It has been six months now and she hasn't fainted once since the transition. When we saw these magnificent affects that CBD had on our family, we decided to start this company in hopes of helping people that might have been or are in the same boat that we were in. 

Thank you for visiting our website! We're very excited for you to see how CBD can serve you.