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Cbd and nerve pain

In my experience, I have seen many humans in the past 4 months with nerve pain. Many tried the pain rubs/ salves but did not get the relief that they wanted.

a couple of days ago an old gentleman came by with severe foot pain. The pain was described as burning and icepicky. He tried our pain rub on his left foot and about 10 drops of our full spectrum 1500 mg cbd tincture on his right foot. The man came back after about 20 minutes and said that his right foot (oil) was better than the left (rub).

Our pain rub has worked wonderfully for people with joint/muscle pain. Most of our customers suffer from fibromyalgi, ms, Rheumatoid arthriti and injury related pain And discomfort.

if You’ve got nerve pain try the oil as opposed to a rub or a salve. With a high alkaline diet, proper exercise, and natural remedies, our bodies are always able to heal themselves.


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